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Contact, Terms, Credits & Supporters

Outside of leaving comments on my Facebook posts and videos, you may wish to contact me directly via email

If your query is related to using the footage or other material on this website, please read the Terms and Conditions below.

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Terms & Conditions
1. All material1 hosted on this website is subject to copyright laws. Material1 owned by either the website owner, the watermarked author where applicable, or by those who are credited by other means, legally own the data. The majority of the content of this website is owned by Mark Seltzer.

2. Material1 from this website may not be used for commercial purposes and/or reproduced and/or resold violating media copyright laws unless permission is granted by the material owner. If you wish to use any of the material, please contact me.

3. Notes about the material1: The material1 on this website is for viewing purposes. Most of the video or images are of sample quality and full-resolution un-watermarked versions are held offline.

4. Web links: Linking and embedding to electricsky.co.uk is allowed, however permission request or notification would be appreciated before doing so. External links can increase the website's bandwidth usage, affecting the cost of running the website. Direct hyperlinks to images, videos, graphics or documents are prohibited unless adequately credited on the 3rd party site, as it increases bandwidth whilst not advertising the website or displaying appropriate copyright notices.

5. External material used on the website: This site contains small amounts of material1 such as satellite images and weather charts collected from external organisations with written or affiliated permission granted to electricsky.co.uk. This material1 may be hosted by electricsky.co.uk to prevent increase in bandwidth of the owning website and will also be credited to the owner. This imagery is strictly prohibited for commercial use and/or distribution without contacting the credited owning parties. Other external material may include video links, each used with written permission from the video owner (proof of permission is retained).

6. Infringement: Violation of the above statements and conditions is a violation of standard copyright laws and constitutes to copyright infringement. To protect the personal and potential future value2 of the material1 displayed on this website we may pursue legal action.

Thank you for taking the time to read these basic terms and conditions and I appreciate viewers abiding to these terms to ensure fair treatment.

1the term "material" refers to images, graphics, video, sounds, text, data, and documents
2being the value of the material if permission is given to commercial bodies (i.e. TV, media, or research organisations) to use or buy the material

Web design, imagery, photography, videography and owner
Mark Seltzer BSc RMet FRMetS

Web Hosting

Weather Data/Charts
Dundee Satellite Receiving Station*, University of Dundee & NERC (Satellite Imagery)
UCAR (Public Sat/Radar Imagery)
Met Office (Public Surface Analysis)
Wetterzentrale (Archive Met and Sferic Data)
Blitzortung.org (Sferic map snapshots)
Meteorologica.co.uk - now dissolved (Observations)
*proof of permission to use images/products have been retained

A big thank you to all my followers, subscribers, and supporters who encourage me to share my footage and insights. This is a non-profit personal project and certainly costs me more money than I make. My main driver for this is passion, and in hope I can inspire, document and explain some of the unknowns that people often wonder about.

Also with special thanks to UK Weather Chase for supporting the promotion of my work. Go and check out their footage!

UK Weather Chase - Sam Whitfield

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