Date: Monday 2nd August 1999   Time: 21:37 BST
Macclesfield, Cheshire UK
Path: North Shropshire/SW Cheshire about 20-30 miles away

Cold front running into continental plume
Duration: n/a
Type: Likely mid-level multicell, possibly linear given the setup
Average lightning type: I-C, one C-G seen
Average discharge rate: 156 seconds
Footage Quality:


As a Cold Front approached the UK from the southwest into a standard continental plume, it became stationary lying from the Isle of Wight to Northern Ireland. Much of northwest England was set to be itís the path as strong thunderstorms developed in the south and west Midlands ahead of the surface front in the rising instability. However the front managed to become stationary a bit further southwest than anticipated so the storms passed just to the SW of Macclesfield. As the front stalled, one rogue active cell was just close enough to see from my advantage point about 20-30 miles southwest. It continued to dissipate in intensity, giving "Heat Lightning" and the odd brighter flash every now and then, but the best discharge was caught at it's last breath; a distant but bright C-G. It continued to flicker dimly in the distance but it was now too faint for the camera to detect.

COLOUR 02.09.1999 18:25 + GRID

COLOUR 02.09.1999 18:25
INFRARED 02.09.1999 18:25 + GRID
INFRARED 02.09.1999 18:25
VISIBLE 02.09.1999 18:25 + GRID
VISIBLE 02.09.1999 18:25

INFRARED 03.09.1999 03:32 + GRID
INFRARED 03.09.1999 03:32

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