Date: Tuesday 17th July 1998   Time: 17:05 BST
Macclesfield, Cheshire UK
Path: 4 miles north of Macclesfield, travelling East

Polar maritime Airmass
Duration: 10 minutes passing
Type: Open-cell Multicell
Average lightning type: One C-G
Average discharge rate: 120 seconds
Footage Quality:


I spotted this storm to the east where a weak and feathery-looking anvil had formed, so I started to train the camera on it just in case a good discharge came out of it. It was producing a bit of lightning as it approached given away by distant thunders but the camera didnít pick any up due to daytime brightness. I saw a faint double-C-G embedded within the precipitation curtains.

It then passed and continued eastwards giving way for a much larger cell which at this time was definitely too far away to see the lightning. However there was a rumble of thunder so that might have come from a positive flash. After that one had passed, another large cell followed behind, (see T0017).

CHARTS (Credits)

SFERICS (Credits)

VISIBLE 17.07.1998 17:45Z

INFRARED 17.07.1998 17:45Z
VISIBLE 17.07.1998 17:45Z + Grid

INFRARED 17.07.1998 17:45Z + Grid


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