Date: Friday 7th May 1999   Time: 16:25 BST
Macclesfield, Cheshire UK
Path: Overhead

Plume / Frontal triple point
Duration: 1 hour
Type: Embedded, likely elevated Multicell
Average lightning type: High-Amp C-G
Average discharge rate: 82 seconds
Footage Quality:


This storm was powered by an active Atlantic weather system, and it was localised to the northwest of England judging by the Sferics, suggesting the triple-point on the front had some factor to play (main Iberian plume destabilised over France, clipping SE England).
It was rich with high-amp C-G strikes, and the cloud base seemed quite high resulting in some incredible explosive thunders. Unfortunately the C-Gs proved difficult to capture as the storm floated overhead, and were all off-camera, however the reflection of the flashes were bright enough to be picked up.

Along with some excellent thunder sounds, the soundtrack of the footage also picked up click sounds as each C-G occurred. This is usually caused by a notable electromagnetic pulse from a strong (or close) lightning channel, and is often picked up by analogue recording devices (like my Hi-8 video camera).

The storm system continued northwards towards the Manchester area after giving torrential rain over much of the region.

VISIBLE 07.05.1999 14:52

VISIBLE 07.05.1999 14:52 + Grid
INFRARED 07.05.1999 14:52
INFRARED 07.05.1999 14:52 + Grid

VISIBLE 07.05.1999 18:49

VISIBLE 07.05.1999 18:49 + Grid
COLOUR 07.05.1999 18:49
COLOUR 07.05.1999 18:49 + Grid

CHARTS (Credits)

BBC Broadcast Radar ft. David Braine (Credits)



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