Date: Monday 16th August 1999
Time: 16:40 (BST)
Macclesfield, Cheshire UK
Path: Cell ~2 miles north of Macclesfield

Convectional trough within a Polar Maritime flow
Duration: 30 minutes
Type: Open Cell Multicell
Average lightning type: C-C
Average discharge rate: 409 seconds
Footage Quality:


Today was a typical summer polar maritime day of heavy showers and isolated thunder from the west. A couple of inactive cells rolled over the Macclesfield area earlier in the day before this came. It had an irregular anvil and was developing steadily as it moved in.

The base was fairly dry as it made its approach as heavy downdraughts were not yet developed. Bizarrely the storm appeared to be hovering as much of it wasn't connected to the ground with rain curtains.

It gave a few high-amp C-Cs in it's lifespan before dissipating as it passed over, giving one last loud C-C. It had a very dark base, emphasized by the contrast between the daylight running underneath it. Most of the heavier storm cells were to the south of the country in the afternoon near a wavetip/trough line.

VISIBLE 16.08.1999 16:01

VISIBLE 16.08.1999 16:01 + Grid
INFRARED 16.08.1999 16:01
INFRARED 16.08.1999 16:01 + Grid

VISIBLE 16.08.1999 16:59

VISIBLE 16.08.1999 16:59 + Grid
INFRARED 16.08.1999 16:59
INFRARED 16.08.1999 16:59 + Grid
COLOUR 16.08.1999 16:59

COLOUR 16.08.1999 16:59 + Grid

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