Date: Wednesday 18th August 1999
Time: Cell 1: 13:25 BST
Macclesfield, Cheshire UK
Path: Overhead, eventually, approached slowly from the north

Open cell convection, polar maritime
Duration: 30 minutes
Type: Open Cell Multicell
Average lightning type: C-G
Average discharge rate: 118 seconds
Footage Quality:


A low pressure system had joined forces with the one that generated T0028 and was now filling to the east of the UK dragging in cooler northerlies across the country. The centre was, for a time, right over the Pennines to the east whilst T0029 was developing. The surface low was co-located with the upper low, so vertical shear was likely to be low, allowing for nice mushroomed anvils, but also short-lived cells as they collapse on themselves.

It was a warm morning with the sense of humidity in the air, and strong convection had started early with the heat of the Sun. The winds started from the east, and slowly swung to the north as the depression continued its journey NE into the North Sea. I saw powerful convection to the north, signified with an updraught and a mushroomed-anvil. C-G lightning was starting to occur repeatedly, but the storm was quite distant from Macclesfield, albeit heading slowly towards. It indeed turned out to be a short-lived storm, only half an hour of activity.

C-G was the only form of lightning caught from this storm.

VISIBLE 18.08.1999 13:58

INFRARED 18.08.1999 13:58
COLOUR 18.08.1999 13:58


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