Date: Wednesday 22nd September 1999
Time: 16:00 BST (first of 3 cells)
Macclesfield, Cheshire UK
Path: Overhead

Returning Polar with unstable Trough/Occlusion
Duration: 1 hour for all 3 cells
Type: Frontal/Convergent Linear Multicell
Average lightning type: C-C
Average discharge rate: Cell 1: 483s, Cell 2: 202s, Cell 3, 162s
Footage Quality:


An active trough ran through a returning polar maritime airmass of a mature low, perhaps coupled with daytime heating gave rise to a band of thunderstorms which worked their way northeast across England and Wales. Quite late in the season (early Autumn) I was not surprised to observe that it was a rather weak affair locally when the system rolled over Macclesfield, with 3 distinct pulses or cells, but nevertheless it went bang a few times, so it counts! The rest of the country, according to sferics, was bathed in rumbles too.

Only one close C-C discharge was caught on camera out of all three cells.

CELL 1 Back Edge:

CELL 2 Approach, C-C and Back Edge:

COLOUR 22.09.1999 14:04

COLOUR 22.09.1999 14:04 + Grid

VISIBLE 22.09.1999 15:45
VISIBLE 22.09.1999 15:45 + Grid
INFRARED 22.09.1999 15:45

INFRARED 22.09.1999 15:45 + Grid
COLOUR 22.09.1999 15:45
COLOUR 22.09.1999 15:45 + Grid

INFRARED 22.09.1999 19:34

INFRARED 22.09.1999 19:34 + Grid


CHARTS (Credits)

SFERICS (Credits)


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