Date: Sunday 3rd August 2002
Time: 17:04 BST (time of initial discharge)
Macclesfield, Cheshire UK
Path: Overhead

Returning polar (from the northeast?)
Duration: 30 minutes
Type: Open Cell Multicell
Average lightning type: C-G
Average discharge rate: 99s
Footage Quality:
VHS / Hi-8


Slow moving showers rolled over the Pennines from the east during the afternoon in an unstable, rather cool airmass. A slack low was centred over southern England/Brittany. This particular cell that hit the south side of Macclesfield at 17:04 gave a few close weak C-G discharges, one of which was caught on camera. The lightning didnít show up particularly well as it was generally very bright with high bases, and there was a thick rain curtain making visibility poorer still.

The wave of showers then developed further as it moved southwest with a view of back-building cells to the southeast.

INFRARED 03.08.2002 12:29

INFRARED 03.08.2002 12:29 + GRID
INFRARED 03.08.2002 14:09
INFRARED 03.08.2002 14:09 + GRID

CHARTS (Credits)

SFERICS (orange markers) (Credits)


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