Date: Tuesday 13th May 2003
Time: 16:27 BST (Cell 1) + 19:40 (odd flash from Cell 2)
Reading, Berkshire UK
Path: Overhead

Polar/Arctic maritime airmass heated with long land track
Duration: 40 minutes
Type: Linear Multicell
Average lightning type: C-C
Average discharge rate: Cell 1: 32s (total average) 22s (peak)
Footage Quality:
VHS / Hi-8


Shortly after
T0044 dissipated this aggressive squall line developed and passed overhead. As mentioned in T0044, this was a land-heated polar/arctic maritime airmass, likely with some upper troughing judging by the organisation of these particular cells. Some really good linear base structures with heavy rain curtains were evident on the northern horizon, accompanied with distant thunder sounds one after another as it rolled in. As it drew closer, a call and response discharge characteristic occurred between two parts of the storm cell next to each other, as one popped off so did the other.

Trying my best to position the camera sensibly on the balcony of my halls of residence (Uni) I aimed the camera directly upwards, without getting the floor of the balcony above me in shot. Many C-C strikes were cracking off over my head.

The intensity just got greater and greater as it rolled over giving continuous thunder for a time for up to 5 minutes at one point. The majority of discharges were low-amp C-Cs, probably the odd C-G judging by the thunder. One or two of the C-Cs were brighter, larger and with stronger thunders occurring. Then the hail-core set in with 7-9mm pea sized hail. It was actually quite difficult to keep the camera dry at this point. Luckily the balcony from the floor above was keeping the shelter.

The storm rolled south eastwards swiftly revealing some long upper-anvil C-C streamers at the back end, before finally disappearing into the distance and falling silent. It was quite a show, definitely the best storm I've seen for a while.

CELL 2 (1 shot of C-C)

A bit later (1940BST) there were a few trailing cells developing in the last remaining hours of daytime heating, so having nothing better to do I trained my camera on those as well. By pot-luck I captured one final C-C of the day, with many branches.

INFRARED 13.05.2003 13:37

INFRARED 13.05.2003 13:37 + GRID

CHARTS (Credits)

SFERICS (orange markers) (Credits)


Mark Seltzer  www.electricsky.co.uk


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