Date: Thursday 17th July 2003
Time: 07:23 BST
Macclesfield, Cheshire UK
Path: Overhead

Continental Plume frontal convergence
Duration: 40 minutes
Type: Linear Multicell
Average lightning type: I-C
Average discharge rate: 124 seconds
Footage Quality:
VHS / Hi-8


This storm woke me up an hour before I had to leave for work (good timing). There had been some thundery troughs moving up the country overnight, riding a slow-moving continental plume, most of the cells just skimming Macclesfield to the south out of view. It was quite tame in Macclesfield when I started filming it but there were one or two loud thunders. The only lightning caught was a crazy C-C spider lightning before it fell silent and moved off into the distance.

INFRARED 17.07.2003 03:16

INFRARED 17.07.2003 03:16 + GRID

CHARTS (Credits)

SFERICS (Credits)


Mark Seltzer  www.electricsky.co.uk


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