Date: Thursday 5th August 2004
Time: Cell 1: 17:59 BST
Macclesfield, Cheshire UK
Path: Overhead, travelling NNW

Continental Plume
Duration: 2 hours (all 3 cells)
Type: Surface-based / Mid-level multicells
Average lightning type: C-C
Average discharge rate: Cell 1: 100s, Cell 2: 333s, Cell 3: 140s
Footage Quality:
VHS / Hi-8 / Digicam


A typical set-up here for the UK where a continental plume gets dragged up from the south and gets lifted by a combination of daytime heating and an advancing Atlantic trough from the west. As the surface-heating got going after midday, with temperatures into the low 20s, some explosive convection began across the Midlands. Surface winds were very light, but the mid-level steering flow eventually brought the cells northwards towards my position.

The first cell approached the Pennines and rolled just to the east of Macclesfield. Its high cloud-base was confirmed when it dropped a C-G which appeared close but wasn’t after waiting a while for the thunder. The thunders were generally of low-amp nature, surprisingly from a high-based storm, but some mid-amp thunders were mixed in.

As the plume was aligned with the steering flow, and winds were generally light through the atmosphere, Macclesfield got to see 3 cells in total, with the show lasting around 2 hours. There were some excellent C-C discharges amongst cells 2 and 3, and the last cell gave some nice I-C as daylight faded, lighting up a lower cloud-base.

VISIBLE 05.08.2004 16:04

VISIBLE 05.08.2004 16:04 + Grid
INFRARED 05.08.2004 16:04
INFRARED 05.08.2004 16:04 + Grid
COLOUR 05.08.2004 16:04
COLOUR 05.08.2004 16:04 + Grid

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