Date: Thursday 12th August 2004
Time: 17:19 BST
Macclesfield, Cheshire UK
Path: Overhead, travelling north

Returning Polar Maritime
Duration: 30 minutes
Type: Surface-based Multicell
Average lightning type: C-G
Average discharge rate: 75s
Footage Quality:
VHS / Hi-8 / Digicam


This was a typical surface-based multicell in an unstable returning polar maritime airflow post-front. Decent cumulonimbus cloud formations were observed given the open-cell convection. The day was warm; about 20C for the max.

The storm generated multiple C-Gs near the front of the cell where the updraughts were, with a hint that these cells were rearward-sloping. This is plausible looking at the 500mb chart below - the low was right overhead (slack flow aloft) but there was definitely a surface wind. The thunder was reasonably high-amp in some discharges.

It moved away within half an hour of it arrived and proceeded to more northern areas.

VISIBLE 12.08.2004 11:42

VISIBLE 12.08.2004 11:42 + Grid
INFRARED 12.08.2004 11:42
INFRARED 12.08.2004 11:42 + Grid

VISIBLE 12.08.2004 16:32
VISIBLE 12.08.2004 16:32 + Grid
INFRARED 12.08.2004 16:32
INFRARED 12.08.2004 16:32 + Grid
COLOUR 12.08.2004 16:32
COLOUR 12.08.2004 16:32 + Grid

CHARTS (Credits)

SFERICS (orange markers) (Credits)


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