Date: Sunday 1st October 2006
Time: 16:40 BST
Macclesfield, Cheshire UK
Path: Overhead, maturing over the Pennines moving east

Returning Polar/Warm-core unstable airmass (warm air directly below strong upper vortex)
Duration: 20 minutes
Type: Multicell
Average lightning type: C-C
Average discharge rate: 444 seconds
Footage Quality:
DV 720x576 / Digicam


There was a mature low filling in to the west with some unusually substantial convective activity spiralling in the centre (see satellite images below for day before). 850hPa temperature charts indicate it had a "warm core", which explains such widespread activity. Once it progressed over the UK it was a standard heavy shower day, and some of the CBs looked a bit wintry. Interestingly the lightning activity towards the southeast of the country was quite large for a returning polar maritime.

This particular cell wasn’t very active over Macclesfield, but it did give a few rumbles of thunder, including a C-C which was just caught off to one side of the camera view, apparently directly over Macclesfield Forest as reported by a friend who was there at the time.

The cell then continued to move over the Pennines leaving trailing dissipating cells behind mixed in with a bit of drifting wintry Mammatus from the anvil top.


VISIBLE 01.10.2006 14:04

VISIBLE 01.10.2006 14:04 + Grid
INFRARED 01.10.2006 14:04
INFRARED 01.10.2006 14:04 + Grid

Previous day's Satellite of convective vortex

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SFERICS (Credits)


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